Tuesday, 1 May 2007

It was ten years ago today

Ten years after being elected, Tony Blair has expressed regrets, apparently. I can imagine that would take a while!

InnerWest sums up Tony Blair's successes and failures thus:

Tony's Tenure's Top Three....

1. An Independent Central Bank. People really have never had it so good.
2. Northern Ireland. The IRA - remember them?
3. Devolution. Not everybody agrees about how much power should be given
away from the centre, but the important thing is that some was and it's gaining
it's own momentum....

and the Bottom Two:

1. Foreign Policy. An ethical intent gave way to the allure of the ends
justifying the means - only for the ends to become an almost unmitigated
2. Public Services. Lavishing money and ducking tough questions does not
equate to reform, just a stay of execution.

Well, 3-2 seems to be a victory for Blair.

Then again, Inner West seem to have discounted a number of (own) goals:

1) Spin - need we say more?
2) Cash for Honours - because Cash for Questions was so last government
3) Human Rights - they started so well, and then it all fell to pieces
4) That economic record, which ignores the fact that unemployment, inflation and taxes all rising
5) "Education, Education, Education" - three times as much priority, and still a quarter of school leavers are illiterate, a quarter innumerate, and a third have no qualifications worth a damn...

One really could go on!

So go on. Why not add your own personal lowlights of the Blair administration. After all, it was ten years ago tomorrow!

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