Thursday, 3 May 2007

Teachers give gift-horse an oral inspection

Everybody hates Tesco, it seems. Even their own suppliers hate them!

I now read that teachers are cross because one needs to spend £379,000 at Tesco to get enough of the vouchers that they give customers for school supplies to pay for a £681 computer. Which means that they are roughly giving away £1 for every £500 spent in their shops.

This being Tesco, which apparently controls a third of the national grocery market, one might have thought that parents could pool together to buy a fair few computers nonetheless. If there is any criticism, it is that they ought to be giving everybody a 0.2% discount instead, and allowing customers to spend the money as they see fit. But it is a marketing gimmick, which is fine.

Teachers remain incensed that the free school equipment is not being given away as generously as they would like. Not that they are in any position to receive the goods anyway, as they are too busy looking gift-horses in the mouth.


Kit said...

"Everybody hates Tesco" - I wish you could have mentioned that their customers don't.

Tom Papworth said...

I think that might have been inferred, Kit.

Joe Otten said...

What I hate about Tesco is that an online order of 70 items or so comes in about 25 carrier bags. Some bags only have one small item in.

Tom Papworth said...

Yes. I hate that, too. I've asked them just to leave it loose in the plastic crates, but they won't. I've asked them to re-use bags, but no.

Yet it doesn't stop me using them every time. They're just too damn cheap and convenient.