Monday, 30 April 2007

Greens hypocrites? That's hardly news!

An excellent post by Joe Otten, explaining (one reason) why the Greens are a menace.

Hat tip to Nich for spotting it before me.


Rob Marrs said...

Thanks for the advice, probably a good idea!



Norfolk Blogger said...

Is there a growing need to collate evidence of Green duplicty ? We need a Green Watch blog or wbsite that can act as a source for such campaigning titbits.

Tristan said...

I think we do need to start taking on the Greens, especially over their anti-trade stance.
Global warming will effect the poorest worst, so why on earth to so many Greens and associated groups wish to pursue policies which will prevent the poorest getting richer and that will make us poorer?

Its like development people who claim policies to make us all poorer and prevent development will somehow make the poor richer...

Tom Papworth said...

All poverty is relative, Tristan. Remember?

That is why the best way to keep the Cameron-Toynbee camel train at a managable length is to hobble the nomads at the front.

I got very excited once when I saw a post entitled "GreenPartyWatch", but it turned out to be a one-off from Joe Otten.

Still, I reckon he's the man to lead the charge, having once been seduced by them. There is nobody more fanatical than a convert from another faith!

Norfolk Blogger said...

I have more Green news today about their support for cars in Norwich.