Tuesday, 22 May 2007

One down. A few more to go.

The European Union has decided to scrap regulations for timber quality and packaging sizes in a drive to reduce red tape. This is good news.

I struggle to see why Europe needs a uniform standard for packaging sizes - I'm a bright chap; I can figure out the difference between an 800g loaf and a 1000g loaf. And if my wood is too knotty, I'll not use that supplier again.

I hope that this drive to reduce red tape keeps going. I can think of a few more regulations that need not be taken at a level so elevated as to standardise across nearly half a trillion people.

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dreamingspire said...

These regulations are like the targets: needed for a while until most people shape up, and then can be dispensed with because the market provides and/or the public sector gets to grips with procurement of the articles in question.