Wednesday, 30 May 2007

School vouchers convince me...

...but they have yet to convince James Graham.

An excellent debate is brewing at Quaequam blog, however. I urge all who have strong views on education, liberalism, capitalism and statism to hurry there and make your points.

I urge all who have weak or no opinions to go there and learn

I urge the rest of you to go there and read other posts about 18 Doughty Street or what nonsense fear of Wi-Fi radiation is.


left of centre said...

Your views are consistently right wing aren't they. I thought Ming Campbell said you were a party of the centre-left ! I think you are to the right of Cameron Tories. Sorry !

Tom Papworth said...

That's alright, my lefty friend. No need to apologise. You're welcome to your view.

Actually, as I've pointed out a number of times , the Left-Right axis is not very helpful in analysing either policy or ideology.

We are liberals. We oppose both reactionary conservatism and entrenched interest on the one hand, and attempts to coordinate and shape progress and to engineer society on the other. We trust people to be able to make decisions in their own interests. State-monopoly education assumes that people can’t be trusted to make such important decisions.

Nobody has yet explained to me why a bureaucrat or a politician is better able to assess the needs of my child than I am. Can you?