Friday, 25 May 2007

I'm rich, rich, rich!! And I've binned my wife. And myself.

Spam's a funny business, isn't it.

In one day I have won the South African lottery (though I didn't buy a ticket), been offered a grant of a million Euros for my business development becasue of a random sample of shopping receipts, and been offered "high-excellence pain killers" by Alan Johnson (whom I thought was in education, not health!).

Meanwhile, Mrs. Polemic's attempt to add me to Facebook has been junked(she'll be very upset), as have... er... I. That's right: Yahoo Mail has actually interpreted an email from my yahoo account to that self same account as spam. Genius!

Oh, and it turns out another of my relatives has died, this one a former Central Bank governor of Liberia. It's funny how many of my relatives seem to have worked for crooked dictators (No jokes about a future Lib Dem government, please!).

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Julian H said...

Resisting Facebook is futile.