Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Why I hate the Labour Party (part 1 of many)

Labour activist and blogger Don Paskini thinks he knows how to beat the Liberals at elections. I doubt it, but it is worth a look.

However, it is the comments submitted to the page that remind of one of the many reasons why I hate the Labour Party. Note this from one writer:
I was once at an election count when the successful
candidate refused to shake hands with the acid faced and
vanquished liberal and led a chrous (sic.) of "we beat the
Liberals" and they all ran off in a huff....

Funnily enough, I had a very similar experience. Throughout the nail-biting count they were rude, abusive and one actually pushed my wife out of the way because he wanted to get closer to the counting. However, I was decent enough to congratulate their victorious candidates for what was a hard-won and successful campaign.

Personally, it was a point of pride that I was a good loser, and hope that when I do beat them (and 2010 is only three and a half years away!) I will be magnanimous in victory.

Sadly, the Labour Party does tend to attract lowlife.


Kaz said...

Here, Here!

Norfolk Blogger said...

We had very similar problems here in North Norfolk in 1997, when we failed to win North Norfolk off the Tories by 1293 votes. Labour were over the moon, triumphant in their defeat because they had cost us the chance of winning. This was after a horrendous night in 1995 when Labour became the largest party on the council (19 seats), again they were so very rude and aggressive.

In 2001 when we won North Norfolk, they jeered too when Norman Lamb won the seat.

It was an absolute pleasure, therefore, to be agent for three gains from Labour in 2003 which saw them wiped off North Norfolk District Council. Most of those who attended the count from the Labour Party were very unpleasant. Just one former Labour councillor (also a governor at the school where I taught who I therefore knew) came up to me and congratulated me, saying I'd worked jolly hard for it and deserved it.

Duncan Borrowman said...

I have witnessed them punch people (one mild manored Lib Dem councillor more than once), cheer Tories and generally be totally abusive. And at your count this year they were pretty objectionable (though I have seen worse from them!)

Reading Liberal said...

Spot on on this one. The Labour lot in Reading showed their arrogance and brute force by deselecting Jane Griffiths - which rebounded solidly in their face.

When they got caught out fiddling postal votes in Redlands ward in 2004 they defended the fraud, saying it was only a little one and therefore OK. Strangely enough, at this year's count when the Lib Dems gained Redlands they took little interest in the ballots until the postal votes appeared when suddenly 8 of them swamped round the table. None of them shook the victorious Lib Dem councillor's hand.

One of their leading lights is a serial womaniser who's just left his wife and disabled child, runs a PR company whose largest contract is for the Council (an interest he's never declared) and before the advent of the Standards Board was best known for his tendency towards physical violence.

Fortunately I was brought up to believe the Labour Party was and is fundamentally corrupt. Places like Reading just prove it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Duncan tell me what did the 'Komrades' do at the count last year?! Up to some naughtiness?

Richard said...


I was directed to your site via a colleague of mine.

I was also at the election count in May and do not recall any of my Labour colleagues been rude to you of your colleagues. If my memory serves me correctly, you were sitting and chatting with the Labour agent, two of the Labour councillors and others Labour activist. Surely if they had been rude/aggressive etc why sit with us!

Richard Williams

Tom Papworth said...


The two councillors who came to the vote (Cllr. Roberts didn't attend) were perfectly civil, but some of their supporters were anything but.

By about 4 am we had Stockholm Syndrome and shared a chat with the election agent about how badly handled the count was. But even then most of his team were pretty surly.

I think they were rattled by how close they came to losing.