Monday, 27 November 2006

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon but just two removes from Iain Dale

Blogophiles will know already that Iain Dale, the doyen of the politicosphere, recently declared the “Top Ten Things I Would Never Do...” In so doing he also “start[ed] a Blog Meme” in which he invited fellow bloggers to follow suit and to further the chain.

Nich Starling and Guthrum tagged Duncan Borrowman and Duncan has in turn tagged me. Of course, mathematical law means that within three iterations a thousand people have been asked to do this, but nonetheless I feel flattered enough to comply!

I’m going to resist saying who I won’t vote for; as a card-carrying and for-office-standing member of the Liberal Democrats, it would be a waste of one of my ten. But I might be political enough to say

10. Allow loyalty to stand in the way of what I think is right.

Having said that, let’s get to the fun stuff:

9. Get anything pierced or tattooed – I’m with Iain Dale on this one!
8. Wear a sleeveless top – T-shirt? Yes. No sleeves? Not a chance!
7. Drink Southern Comfort (again!)
6. Join Friends Reunited – if we’re not united now there’s a reason.
5. Appear in the background on TV, like those people who steer themselves behind the reporter and waive or pretend to be nonchalantly wandering past.
4. Own a cat. I mean no offence, but when dogs are so loyal and friendly and (frankly) know who’s boss, why put up with a selfish, egotistical feline.
3. Stop knocking on doors – even the Prime Minster should canvass his own constituency occasionally.
2. Learn to stop bending my mates’ ears about politics (I wish I had the willpower!)
1. Put up with physical violence - even a play-punch.

And of course I reiterate Duncan Borrowman’s get-out clause with a cheeky

0. Ever say never.

In the meantime, I’ll tag the following bloggers, some but not all of whom are politicos (perhaps one of the above should have been x. have only politically-minded mates): Joe Otten, Jock Coats, Paul Evans, “Bendy” Wendy Richards, Eleanor Brown, Lynne Featherstone (may as well bring in one heavyweight, in a purely political sense of course), Stephen Tall, the author of Factchecking Pollyanna (though I imagine to little effect), Boris Johnson (how can one resist!), and Tristan if he’d leave an blooming email address.


Norfolk Blogger said...

Stephen Tall was tagged, along with me, in Iain Dale's original meme.

Tom Papworth said...

You're right. I have kind of lost track of who has and who hasn't been sucked into this.

It's a bit like the Number 10 petitions website. I'm starting to wish I'd never continued this can of worms.

Joe Otten said...

I think I'll give it a miss. I've thought of nine, and they're mostly pretty dull.

The most important 2 would be

1. Never adulterate good whisky
2. Never dance down the pitch towards Shane Warne