Monday, 20 November 2006

They're threatening to Health and Safety me!

The Health and Safety mafia are after me!

At work (where I do most of my blogging!) I have moved a new pedestal next to my desk. A pedestal, for those of you not condemned to the miserable drudgery of the C21st office, is a two foot high set of drawers designed to go under a desk. For complicated reasons to do with my being officially "over-sized" I have two of these, so one is now lurking beside me.

I have been threatened with action. Apparently, the pedestal represents a knee hazard. I might crack my knee on said pedestal, causing some undetermined health-and-safety risk.

I know what’s coming. I put it there; I want it there; it’s not causing me any harm there. It is certainly not causing anyone else any harm there. It’ll have to go!

You see, it is not enough that I take care around my pedestal. Well-meaning people need to save me from myself. I don’t really want the pedestal there, I just think I do. If I properly understood the risks like the Health and Safety people do I would be glad to have it removed. It’s for my own benefit.

Sigh. I wonder why they ever let me out of the play pen!

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