Thursday, 29 March 2007

If only everbody thought like an FT reader

The Financial Times is running an online poll on whether Gordon Brown would make a good Prime Minister.

So far the results are

Yes 17.8%
No 82.2%

Now, I know not everybody thinks like the readers of the FT, but I do wonder how many people nationally really do think that Gordon's fit for the job.

It seems we're getting a PM by default, because of his ability to bully his colleagues rather than woo the voters. I can only think it'll end in tears.

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Matthew said...

On-line opinion polls are very unreliable as you can vote early and vote often!

Although it appears that Gordon will become Prime Minister just after the May local elections (he will no doubt be crowned, rather than face an election), it is likely that he will loose to Cameron when the General Election is held.

The question posed is would he make a good prime-minister... and whilst we clearly don't know yet, his time at the treasury has been one of spin, lies and deceit.

I doubt very much if he will sweap into office with a new broom. I fear we will all discover that he is more NuLabour than Tony Blair has been. And sadly that means the really rich will keep getting really richer, the majority of us will remain comfortably content and the poor will become poorer and poorer.

Sadly NuLabour have discovered the poor do not vote, and so have given up on them. It's up to Lib Dems and probably social-thinking Tories to come to the aid of hard working families and return some of the aspiration that all of us can make a difference to the way the UK works.