Thursday, 15 February 2007

Tell it how it is!

The UNICEF report into child well-being has acted as a lightning conductor for opinion across the political spectrum.

It has also generated headlines that in this one issue say so much about the various newspapers and their editorial stance. A comparison made me smile. If I’d not matched them up, I’m sure you’d have had no trouble guessing!

Independent: Our national disease is lack of parental time Independent: If we want to help children, the state has to step in. But will ministers dare advocate this?

Times: Blind feminism has hurt our children

Guardian: Give our children more respect, urge campaigners

Daily Mail: Blame game amid Britain’s child scandal
Daily Mail: The sick family of Europe

Telegraph: Children need stability and boundaries more than money

Express: When childhood really was tough

1 comment:

Kit said...

Why didn't we get "UNICEF shows its political bias" headline? The report should have been ridiculed.

Even Noel Gallagher joined in:
"When the Labour Party got in it was all about children and education and yet 10 years down the line there's people saying that kids are better off in Poland... I don't really think there's anything left to vote for. That's why people don't vote... why people would rather vote for celebrity talent shows than would vote for politics." says the Oasis front man today. (h.t. Guido)

I wish Noel could explain why 600,000+ Poles have moved here.