Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Mouths are for drinking, not just for ranting

Lib Dem bloggrr and conference virgin Alexander Kemp has raised the spectre of "bloggers drinks" at conference. "It would be nice to put a face to the rants, so to speak :o)" he comments.

I've heard of worse suggestions (such as the Together We Can Cut Crime policy paper!).

I shall probe my source and see what's planned.


Linda said...

Sounds cool to me! Just do a when and where and get everyone to post it.......tho Friday eve may be best avoided since some of us will be otherwise occupied with Trident.......

Tristan said...

The one in Brighton was rather good (if I do say so myself - it was my fault ;) ), got to meet lots of people who don't/can't go to the Westminster Liberal Drinks.

Unfortunately I can't make Harrogate, so I shan't be there.

Duncan Borrowman said...

Your source hasn't a clue (this blog stuff is all decentralised and liberal - not driven by us Cowley Street insiders you know.
As you will see from my blog I have a busy weekend of artworking, but do text me if you hear of anywhere I can blag a Gin and Tonic :-)

Tom Papworth said...

Peter has solved our problem.

Bloggers' drinks after the Lib Dems Online event on Saturday evening.