Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Change you can believe in?

Barak Obama asked us “to believe not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington, but to believe in” the ability of the American people to do so.

So what exactly will the election of President Obama change?

Not the face of administration, clearly!


Tristan said...

Obama is a fully paid up member of the political classes, just as all those are.

But what else is going to happen? These people have spent their lives grubbing around after power, they've made sure outsiders cannot get in there.

Anonymous said...

I take it you believe in the Liberal principle of not prejudging situations and judging a man by his actions?

Tom Papworth said...

I certainly do.

And one of the most important and telling actions a new president takes is choosing the team that will run the country for him.

dreamingspire said...

One fears that he will make the big mistake of the Blair govt, which was to brush sensible people aside because they were not delivering fast enough and/or were threatening vested interests - in other words, a dictatorship ruling by threat with a covering of spin. Hopefully Obama is too intelligent for that, but is he intelligent and aware enough to ensure that his team don't do that?