Saturday, 11 October 2008

A jolly morning's voting

An unexpected treat landed on my door courtesy of Electoral Reform Services.

Yes, it's Party election time!!

No sign of the one we've all been waiting for, but in the meantime an excellent opporutnity to support old friends, laugh at people's artwork and make instant and probably utterly-unfair judgements about people.

My favourite was the chap who was standing for the peers list who wrote "60 years a liberal" at the top. How can one resist?!

Two names did jump out and me that deserve a vote:
  1. Jock Coats for Federal Policy Committee: Jock is known to many of you through his blog. He has an excellent graps of policy and has an answer for almost any problem (the same one, admittedly ;o) and would be a real asset to FPC, fighting for sound liberal economic and social policy and fending off the errors of interventionism;
  2. Tony Vickers for the peer's list: Tony is Chair of ALTER and a long serving Liberal Democrat councillor.

I should hasten to add at this point that I am not a member of ATER and my internal jury is still out (if an internal anything can be out) over LVT. But it has been a party committment for a century and yet the policy establishment have brushed it under the carpet in the Cowley Street boardroom every time it has come up.

There are also dozens of other people I know on the lists, but I can't sit here listing everybody and their attributes. That is what your artwork was for!

Anyway. Enough of all that. I've seen a photograph of a women in a barbour so I'm going to send her to Europe!

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