Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Revolutionary Conservative Party and other oxymorons

There is and have always been concern within the Liberal Democrats that we are not as liberal as we ought to be; that our party too often looks to the State to solve problems and is willing to curb individual liberty to achieve social goals.

It has long been a criticism of New Labour that they have abondoned their roots in the labour movement and spent too long playing court to big business rather than worrying about the working man.

Now David Cameron has decided to steal Barak Obama's clothes and take 'Plan for Change' as his party conference theme.

I have long maintained that the names of the political parties have a lot more to do with their roots than with any actual reflegion of their current policies or the philosphies of their members. But when faced with illiberal Liberals, Labour capitalists and revolutionary Conservatives a start to wonder whether the parties' names are supposed to be ironic!

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Alasdair W said...

I guess political parties try to flirt with people who would usually oppose them. But obviously it can go too far and seperate a party from their roots.