Saturday, 17 November 2007

Fascists for freedom

Okay. This is weird.

I was just checking out the Stormfront website (as you do!) and at the bottom I saw a banner advertising Ron Paul for President.

Now, as I understand it, Ron Paul is a Libertarian. As a libertarian, Mr. Paul would undoubtedly uphold the right of bigots, fascists and neo-nazis to shout whatever they want as loudly as they want, to preach hate to their shrivelled hearts' content.

He would also strip away border controls and allow millions of hard working hispanics into America, along with anybody else who could afford the airfare, didn't expect any welfare on arrival and were willing to pay some very low taxes. I've not looked to closely into Mr. Paul's campaign (I'm as far away from Texas as he is from the presidency) but he would probably also slash defence spending, and he would certainly not pass any laws banning inter-racial marriage. Indeed, he would uphold the freedoms of people of all races.
Now, we know fascists are idiots, but advertising their worst nightmare on their own website takes the biscuit!


Kit said...

Actually Ron Paul is actually in favour of stronger border controls.

Politically is an "Old Right" Republican, an isolationist, rather a classical liberal.

Kit said...

Duh! Actually, actually is actually my favourite word;)

Tristan said...

The biggest area he falls down is his tough on immigration stance. On most other things he's very liberal in the 'its not the government's place' way.

Whether that's old right or classical liberal I don't know, but its a good stance.

His isolationism seems to be two things- firstly its not the job of the US to police the world and doing so makes many enemies, and secondly its a big fat waste of money and gives the state lots of power...

I think the white supremacists support him because he will let them say what they like (or at least, the federal government won't stop them, individual states probably can). He's certainly no racist, despite what his opponents say.

Tom Papworth said...

Okay, so he's not as libertarian as I thought. Serves me right for reading something into a label rather than reading somethign about a subject.

Still, he's only allowing the bigots to rant because he believes one should tolerate other opinions, not because he necessarily likes them.