Saturday, 15 September 2007

The Polemicist returns!

Apologies to my humble reader for having abandoned blogging over the past six weeks.

As the more observant of you (including those who have opened their free copy of Pravda) will have noticed, the Polemicist has been dipping his toes in the waters of democratic politics.

The rather frenetic six week campaign drove me onto the streets campaigning every night and all day at the weekend, rather curtailing my blogging, and there’s nothing more sorry than a blog that’s not been updated for weeks. If it’s not been updated regularly, it’s not really a blog (though some might argue that as I use this site to discuss whatever issue has agitated my brain that day, it’s not much of a web-log anyway, but just a cheap website – heaven forbid!).

Anyway, I now have a small modicum of time on my hands once again, though rather less than before I was elected, so I hope I’ll be able to keep up a reasonably steady stream of opinions. Only time will tell whether service to the local populous will soak up all my free time and concentrate my mind on more practical matters.

In the meantime, I have a Conference to attend. That should provide plenty of fodder…

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