Friday, 6 July 2007

Another let down by Charles Kennedy

I see that our erstwhile leader has let us down again. He has apparently been caught having a sneaky fag out of the window of a train.

I am appalled that the government has seen fit to ban smoking in private (they call them "public" because there are people there) places, but it is perfectly legitimate that individual train operating companies should ban smoking on their trains. Indeed, most had done so a long time before 1 July. What is more, I expect parliamentarians to uphold the law - unless, perhaps, they are making a deliberate protest against unjust legislation.

I find it disgraceful that a Member of Parliament should show such scant regard for the train companies rules, the law and his fellow passengers.

Thank heavens we did not listen to those voices around the party fringe that were suggesting he could make a come-back as leader.


Julian H said...

Is there a reason why I received an e-mail this afternoon supposedly from CK? Surely these things should be (seemingly) coming from Ming. What is CK's relevance to the Southall by election?

Duncan Borrowman said...

Errr Julian, as the email said he had just been to help us here in Ealing Southall.

Youc an come too if you like :-)

Julian H said...

Duncan - you have a point.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I see you've replaced Ming already. Is Charles our erstwhile "leader" ?

However, I agree with you 100%.