Sunday, 17 June 2007

It’s got to be Gordon

James Graham has asked me to join in the Brown Meme that Matt Wardman began.

2 things Gordon Brown should be proud of:

- Resisting demands from within the Labour Party to reverse all the good legislation of the previous two decades
- Becoming a father

2 things he should apologise for:
- Pushing the size of public spending to the highest level ever seen
- Claiming the credit for economic growth that was in spite of, rather than because of, his efforts.

2 things that he should do immediately when he becomes PM:
- Resign (but as that won’t happen, so…)
- Declare an intention to establish a fully elected second chamber - and follow through quickly (I completely agree with James on this one – so much so that I’ve just lifted his wording)
- Scrap the plan to introduce compulsory ID cards

2 things he should do while he is PM:
- Decentralise and federalize the UK; create an English Parliament (perhaps in Birmingham); give far more autonomy to local authorities to raise as much revenue as they see fit in whatever way they wish; permit national parliaments to devolve power over services (e.g. health and education) to local or regional authorities
- Cut taxes through a rise in the personal allowance to the equivalent of the minimum wage.

I’m not going to tag lots of people, though, as in my experience they will all have been tagged already. If all of the 16 Matt originally tagged have tagged 8 more, then there are already 128 invitations circling out there. If the second generation have already started tagging, there could be around a thousand, and people will be getting them twice and becoming ratty.

I have invited Duncan Borrowman to participate, though.

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Tristan said...

He shouldn't just scrap ID cards - he should scrap the National Identity Register.

I can see someone (him or some Tory) announcing the scrapping of ID cards, but leaving the NIR in place...
Its probably the greatest danger now as people will think its all okay.