Thursday, 4 January 2007

An awful lot of Mars Bars courtesy of the Poles

Matt Davies reminds me that Migration Watch have produced figures on the economic impact of immigration that dispute those produced by HM Government. According to Migration Watch, the economic impact is worth 4p a day per UK citizen or “less than the equivalent of a small Mars bar a month”

Now you've got to admire those Poles. They make it all the way here with millions of fun-sized mars bars on their backs... That's what I call hard working!

The point of Migration Watch’s figures was to dispute Government figures that migrants have contributed 0.5% to GDP over-and-above what would accrue merely by enlarging the population. However, I have a lot more faith in the Government figures – not because I am particularly disposed to believe what comes out of Whitehall, but because they are supported by research from the London School of Economics and have the confidence of the Confederation of British Industry.

These figures not only add up to £5 billion (c. £1.60 per person per week, which under Labour means almost £1 per person that passes through Government hands) but they are also compounded because they are growth figures. In other words, we gain £5 billion in 2005 and £5 billion £100 + annual growth since 2005 every year from hereon in.

That’s a hell of a lot of Mars Bars!

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