Tuesday, 5 December 2006

The nearest thing to a free lunch

The proverbial free lunch may be a myth, but it appears that there is at least cheap wine with which to wash it down.

A week ago I was forwarded a Threshers voucher offering 40% off wine. With my usual cyber-scepticism I did nothing with it, assuming that it was a hoax and the shop assistant in Threshers would mock me for my gullibility.

So I was pleased to be forwarded a link to the business section of The Times which confirmed all my hopes. Rhys Blakely writes that "Threshers, the off-licence, is being swamped by booze bargain-hunters after an online discount voucher that offers money off alcohol was downloaded by millions of internet users."

Sadly, I don't seem to be able to attach the pdf file of the voucher, otherwise I would share it with you. If anybody knows how I can attach documents other than pictures to this blog I would be eternally grateful (there's a voucher for 40% off at Threshers in it for you). Otherwise, you can try trawling the Web, though I suspect by now Threshers are racing around eliminating the evidence.

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James said...

The BBC however did a report on Friday showing that even with a 40% discount, Threshers were still more expensive than most supermarkets. They were speculating that this whole "Threshers in a panic" story was a hoax designed to push up pre-Christmas sales.